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Version 1.4.2 -

(03/12/05) Many new features/changes.
- I'm going to try to move to a monthly release cycle. Even if it's a small set of updates; this once a year thing has to stop. My estimate of the next release date will be on or before April 11th, 2005.
- sysconfedit template has been changed to accomodate the configuration changes. Thumbnailing has changed, and there's a new option to specify how many overview pictures to display.
- There is now a mode to rescue pictures from escrow. If you "lose" a picture, just try to resume it anyway. It'll allow you to snag a picture. Since I am streamlining the interface to only allow one picture at a time, I should be able to finally close this hole in the future (submitting a picture should automatically be set as a saved escrow pic).
- From the saved picture page, you can choose to continue a picture, post it without edits, or delete it without completing it.
- Now that there is an overview mode, added options in the board editor to change which order the boards display.
- Thumbnailing of pictures now obeys aspect ratio. Ugly thumbnails, begone!
- Added << and >> to either side of the skiplinks. Goes back one, forward one respectively.
- Dozens of misc. updates I forgot about.
- New default display shows an overview of all boards. Uses thumbnails for the display.
- Total worktime now displayed correctly when working on a saved picture.
- Overhauled board access code. Now in use for the most part. This took a while :(
- Can now save pictures to escrow or to a board for comments. Can only work on one picture at a time as well.
- getpic.cgi now complains back to the client if there was an error in reading data from the client, instead of saving the data as is and junking it.

Version 1.4.1 -

(04/19/04) Fixed two silly bugs in the 1.4.0 release, plus new feature:
- You can now actually resize the canvas for all applets now. (thanks
- Moderator mode no longer hides all comments past the first one.
- (minor), changed the text for a few small things. IE; in moderator mode, it
now says "Delete Items", where it said "Delete Pictures" before, even
though you weren't always deleting pictures ;)
- (minor, but also stupid). Can no longer suspend the admin account. The code
was always there, but I had a typo. Sigh.

- New feature is anonymous mode! I ripped out the ~200 lines of my original
bad idea for anonymous mode, and added this new stuff in. Now you may
declare that a board allow anonymous pictures and comments.
- Internal version number did not bump as the config files did not change.

Version 1.4.0 -

(04/02/04) Refactored codebase. Too different to annotate a changelog from previous versions. Will keep it accurate from here on it, however :)

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